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About labview 8.6&8.2 Problem

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My computer have installed 8.2 exe file, which is built by the labview 8.2.

Now ,I install the 8.6 exe file in same computer,which is built by the labview 8.6.

So, All my 8.2 exe file can not run.


I want to run the 8.2 exe file ,what can I do?


I think can additional installers to improve it, but I do not know which one need to add.

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Accepted by topic author orlando111

Are you trying to run these executables on your development PC or another PC that does not have the LV Development environment on it.


As long as the computer has both the LV 8.2 and 8.6 run time engines installed, either executable should be able to run.  If the computer has Measurement and Automation Explorer installed, look under the software link in the tree and see what Run time engines are listed.

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I would bet that your 8.2 build did not include the 8.2 runtime engine.  Any way you can check that out?


-Matt Bradley

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