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About error -1074396077 (IMAQ Vision: Incompatible image type)

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Hello, I am trying to program pattern matching and this error -1074396077 (IMAQ Vision: Incompatible image type) occurred at IMAQ extract.

However, this error doesn't occur when I run the program step by step with highlight execution. I don't know why this error occur only when I run the program normally.

Please tell me how to fix this.


I attached VI files(main and sub). This error occurred in subVI at the point I marked in a bellow picture.I use LabVIEW 2016.


Finally, I'm sorry that I'm not good at English. I'm Japanese...

Thank you for reading to the end.


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I found more information about my program.

If I don't use "case structure" around "eye" the error still occur.

However, if I don't use the "case structure" and directly program(not using subVI), the error doesn't occur.

I don't know its meaning. Can anyone tell me what happen?

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Accepted by topic author nicole12

I solved myself !

Thank you for reading and thinking my problem.


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Thanks for accepting a solution.


Would you mind sharing the solution? That might help others in the future.

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Sorry, I write the solution.


When I programmed, I referred to this  "".


I solved my problem with the save, close and reload.


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The image type solved my issue as well along with using Convert an IMAQ Image.

Thank you.

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