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About determine phase off between voltage and current

I want to determine phase off between voltage and current of an appliance by taking the difference between Vphase and Iphase. The phase off value could be determined but both the value of Vphase and Iphase changes every time the data measured by current transformer and voltage transformer.


I want to lock the Vphase at zero (as reference/control phase) and therefore Iphase could also be determined with a steady value.


I'm a beginner of this software and wish to solve this problem for my academic project. Hence I request for a simple and step-by-step solution for the problem.

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Hi, Jammy!


If you attach your VI, I could better help you with your project.



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Hello, Jammy!


What do you actually refer when you say that Vphase and Iphase change every time the data measured by the current transformer and the voltage transformer?


In AC Circuits, the source Voltage is taken as the reference and therefore phase is determined by the difference to the source, just like you seem to have already done in the attached images. This is equivalent to lock the Vphase at zero.



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