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About counters of PCI 6602

Hi ,I'm luiart.
I'd like to know something about counters.
I've a PCI 6602 and I'd like to acquire two different periods with two counters.How can I configure two counters with this board?I've downloaded an update with multiple counters but I can't understand it( bman on 12/20/2001 said:

I would suggest upgrading to the new Counter Palette for LabVIEW. In it, you will see vi's for multiple counter applications. Follow the same steps as you did in your program with the new multi-counter vi's.

You can download the new Counter Palette Installer here: 954feaeea92d90918625674b00658b83/ abc2de0382fb157a86256ad90068986e?OpenDocument).
Then I'd like to know if with this board and E series
boards I can use GPIB functions to connect them.
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It might be a good idea to take a look at the NI Developer Zone tutorial that talks about Period Measurement. Here is the link:

In that tutorial you will find information on how to do period measurements either with DAQ-STC or TIO counters(like the 6602) and you can also find LabView and LabWindows/CVI examples.

Good luck with your application.
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