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AVI file is stuck during reading

Hello, I tried to use IMAQ AVI2 read frame to show the video,


However, the screen is always stuck during the process,

in the first, I thought that maybe the reason is about the 2G AVI file bug in LabVIEW,

although I compress it to a file smaller than 2G , the error still happen......

My LabVIEW version is 2014 SP1 (64bit)



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Not all toolkits are 64-bit "friendly".  I've only used 32-bit LabVIEW on 64-bit Windows (7 and 10).  I have no problems with opening and playing AVIs.  Do you have (or can you create) a small AVI that fails?  If so, attach it and your code (as a VI, please) and I'll try it ...


Bob Schor

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