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AV900 driver

Does anyone have or know where I can find a LabVIEW driver for the AV900 loadbank from AeroVironments?





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Well, it says it has an "open source" communication protocol. You need to ask the vendor what they protocol is. If it's something like modbus (which can run over serial or Ethernet) you're golden.


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In all of the documentation I can find, it says "DCOM Driver for LabVIEW" under the user interface section, but I'm not seeing any kind of driver.


Then I found this article where a guy says that the driver works through RS232 communication from LabVIEW to the device. If this is the case, then you don't need a driver to use LabVIEW with the device, you just need to set up the communications in LabVIEW to send and receive commands through RS232.

You can do this by using the VISA palette to set up a serial communication link with the device.


That being said, you will need to find a list of commands that the device understands and learn what it uses as a delimiter, etc. I can't find any of those commands online, so I think you'll have to contact them directly. Here's a link to ask for information.


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