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AK protocol for 415S


I installed NI Visa and run the vi attached below but I cant figure out how to control the emission time of AVL 415S Variable Smoke Meter.I heard about AK Protocol for 415S and Dicom 4000 to control system.Could you please help me about  AK Protocol?

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Hi tata245,


I've taken a look on our Instrument Driver network and did not find any instrument drivers for the 415S Smoke Meter. I also wasn't able to find any technical resources regarding the AK Protocol when used with the 415S on AVL's website. I would recommend contacting AVL to see if they have a document with the list of commands and which one would control the emission time. Once you have that information, converting it to LabVIEW code based on your existing code should not be very difficult.


Best Regards,

Matthew B.
Senior Product Manager - NI InsightCM™ and Monitoring Solutions
National Instruments
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