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AI sample poly vi not found in labview 8.0

I am trying to open a vi done using labview 7.1 version .I have here a Labview version 8.0.It errors out
Items with errors
Read A1 from
Poly VI 'A1 sample sub VI is missing
Poly VI 'A1 sample': sub VI missing
So how do i get the missing sub VI??
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Hi testdev,

This question seems to be the exact same problem you posted about on the following two other posts.

Sub vi missing for applications done in labview 7.1 version.What needs to done?:

Does changing from labview7.1 to 8.0 cause any problems with existing VI's done in 7.1 version?:

Please keep all pertinent information on one thread so all those who are attempting to help resolve the issue have the most information possible (i.e. such as postings from other users, any clarifications, any other info you may have provided, etc.) Thank you for your understanding and have a nice day.

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