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AI buffer read , error 10800, labview 6i, windows 2000

I am using labview 6i to record the data from our experiment with three set:
pressure, temperature and load.

The file developed, previously we run in winnt 4 operating system and it is ok (do not recalled which version of ni-daq it was since I formated the PC), we can record the data for long time, a few days continously without any problem. but when we upgrade to windows 2000 and istall latest driver 7.3.1 in march 2005, its seem to have error. After only one hour of recording, it stops and display:

AI buffer read,

error # 10800

The scan rate I put is small, 10 scan per sec and averaged every 50 points. Buffer size in the prgram is 1000.

As suggested fronm NI support, I did erase everything (even format the dishk and install new windows 2000), install laview 6i and also the upgrade patch), and ni-daq 6.9.3, but it seems still have problem. It always crashed after about more than 2000 records.
Any one face the same problem and give me an advice. Thanx.

Message Edited by tluu on 04-19-2005 03:21 PM

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I am assuming that you are using Traditional NI-DAQ... Is this correct? Also, what hardware are you using? Can you monitor the bytes in your buffer to make sure that you are reading from the buffer fast enough?

If you could attach a portion of code that reproduces this issue, I would be glad to see if I can see the same behavior on my system.

Sean C.
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