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AC motor run and sensor readings

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I am new in using a Labview and DAQ devices. Doing a project in college this year.

My question would be: what hardware required to run AC blower motor and get readings from sensors. (Proximity sensor which sensing motor spinning and optical speed sensor to measure RPM)

Any help would be appreciate .



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Hi Zilvis,


for the AC motor I would use a VFD, to drive it at variable speeds. The "cheap" ones always support remote control using a digital and analog input ("Enable" and "speed")…


For reading your sensors you need to define the signal type in more details (voltage levels? current signal? sample rate?). I guess you will read analog inputs (proximity) and counter (speed sensor). Call your local NI sales rep and ask them for suitable DAQ devices - after you sorted out all the details!

Best regards,

using LV2020 on Win8.1+cRIO
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Thanks GerdW,

Appreciate for oyur help

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