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A source distribution created in 32-bit LabView 2009 says that VIs aren't executable when opened in 64-bit LabView 2009. How do I run the main VIs?

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 A source distribution was made for a VI using 32-bit LabView 2009. The distribution was verified to work on another machine that ran 32-bit LabView 2009. However, when opened on a 64-bit LabView 2009, the VI was broken as indicated by the attached error message. How do I make the VI executable?

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Seems you have a problem with the installation of the Advanced Analysis Library (AAL) or the Intel Math Kernel Library that is used by the AAL on that 64 bit machine. Can't say for sure if these are already supported on 64 bit LabVIEW. At least a repair installation of LabVIEW seems to be in place.


The other error is from the HSD component not working. Again I can't say if this should even work on 64 bit LabVIEW. If it should a repair installation should be most probably done.

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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Did you use any LabVIEW modules or toolkits to build you VI? Currently only the NI Vision Module is supported for LabVIEW 64-bit. Here's a link to an KnowledgeBase article that covers this:


KnowledgeBase 506DUP3S: LabVIEW 64-Bit vs. 32-Bit Applications FAQ


Take care!

Tanya Visser
National Instruments
LabVIEW Group Manager
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The VI used the Sound and Vibration anbd HSDL VIs that I suspect are not supported in 64-bit.

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I have the Developer's Suite installed using Labview 64 bit. I have never had a clear conflict caused by any of the 32 bit modules or toolkits. Windows should know how to handle each situation.

Do you have the 32 bit vision tools either bundled with your .exe or installed on the 64 bit machine? Maybe your VI is looking for 32 bit sections that aren't on your 64 bit system. It may be worth doing a full 32 bit Labview install on your 64 bit machine to ensure that everything is there for every scenario. NI seems to think this is OK.

Good Luck.

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