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A question about 'Set Coordinate System' in NI Vision Assitant

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I am a new learner for NI vision.

when I use 'set coordinate system' command in NI Vision Assitant. It works well. e.g.

Set CS.png

(The above frame is the example in NI Vision Assitant, please see Help>>Solution Wizard>>Dental Floss Inspection )


However, when I put the program in NI Vision Assitant to create a Labview VI program. (Tools>>Create LabVIEW VI), Then run the VI, it can't work anymore.

Set CS1.png

The result of Coordinate system out is always like that.

Set CS2.png


I can't find where the mistake is. I tried some other examples in NI Vision Assitant. If ' set coordinate system' command is used in the program in NI Vision Assitant. and then create the LabVIEW VI.

The problem always occur.


I hope some experienced man in NI Vision could help me.



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Possible idea is since you reset the coordinates, you do no longer have you dental floss in the current ROI for the pattern match.  Try to draw a box where the current RIO is set when you use the pattern match.  Is the issue with the match or set coordinates?  Did you check to see if you have an error on the error wires?


Matthew Fitzsimons

Certified LabVIEW Architect
LabVIEW 6.1 ... 2013, LVOOP, GOOP, TestStand, DAQ, and Vison
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I have the same problem, i work in labview 2013 v13.0 , but the same sample of dental fluss run in labview 2012 v 12.0 it work fine. is ther a possible bug? is there a patch to fix it in labview 2013 v13.0?

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Looking at the screen shot in the original post it appears that set corodinate system is not on the session chain.  Wiring the session through set coordinate system should resolve the problem.


It sounds like a scripting error in the tool and should be investigated 

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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Hi, I try that and not work, i saw in the VI ( IVA Store Match Pattern Results ) inside of the vision assistant that no execute the ( For loop ) this in labview 2013 v13.0.

more exactly  stacked secuence ( 2[0...2] ). i changed by a while loop and work good, show results. then what happend? why not work in this step with for loop?

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Accepted by topic author shixinhua

Hi All,


This problem was reported under Corrective Action Request (CAR) 441410 and has since been fixed in VDM 2014. I strongly recommend upgrading to the latest version here: as it contains other fixes. If you are unable to do so, I have attached the patched file you need to change. Replace the following file (assuming the default installation location): <Program Files>\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2013\vi.lib\vision\Vision Assistant Utils.llb with the version I've attached here, and that should resolve the issue you are seeing with the NaN coordinate system values in the LV generated code.




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thank you Joseph, I reemplaced the file visionassistantutils, and work fine. that file is a headache. but now i can work  in peace. I hope that labview not have some bugs o VIs wrongs. thanks.

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Is this bug fixed in LabVIEW2015? I seem to have the same problem in LabVIEW2015... Is there some patch avaible for this version?

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