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A question about LabSQL.

Thank you.

I am sorry that I don't understand the difference between the two format.

Try this one.

Thank you again.




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You said you would look at the examples but it is pretty obvious that you didn't. You have a SQL SELECT statement that implies you are trying to read all of the columns of the db. Then you have a bunch of strings that I think you are trying to add to the db. None of this is correct. To repeat what I said before, look at the shipping examples. If you want to insert data, then after the Open Conn function, use a SQL Execute function with a statement like:

INSERT INTO tablename
 (column1name, column2name, column3name)
VALUES ('A', 'B', 'C');

where column1 name, etc. is the actual names of the columns in your database and tablename is the actual name of the table in your database.

Here's one of the shipping examples modified to the correct format for inserting 16 columns of data as you have. Replace with the name of your table and your column names. Also spend a little time studying SQL before trying anything.

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Here is a zip file that contains an access database, the udl file and a labview example that demonstates using INSERT, SELECT and UPDATE queries.

Edit: Just realised that you will need to double click the udl file and change the path to where hugo.mdb is like this


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David Crawford and Dennis Knutson,
           Thank you very very much for your help.
           After reading your example vi, I begin to understand how to use SQL to solve the problem of database.
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