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A Fieldpoint Temperature PID without the PID toolkit

Thanks Jim. I did realize that I would not be able to have a PID with a On/Off switch. Is it possible to check that the FP-DO-400 that I've connected to the LabVIEW program is actually sending out a signal? Would a voltmeter work?

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Hi Ryan,
         A voltmeter would work.  Once you have verified the express VIs are working as expected, you no longer need to monitor your system with the voltmeter, you can just monitor when you are making calls to different FieldPoint Express VIs.  You can do this by using highlight execution or by putting indicators on your front panel that show the status of your case structures.  Let me know how it goes.
Jim M
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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hi ravens fan,

         I know this thread is old but iam in urgent need of help.kindly help me out.

         I want to develop the exact thing what u have said here. how to use PWM so that i can maintain the temperature in a particular setpoint.i am using crio-9004 controller.i have AI module(NI9201) and DIO module(NI 9401)in hand.i want to give DIO 0 as the output to the relay. 

          another one doubt i need to get clarified is ..

.--> is it possible to develop a PID controller without analog output module.the PID output is the control variable that should be delivered to the system right?according to my knowledge by making use of DO only a ON/OFF controller can be developed.

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Here are some examples you may want to look at about making a PID controller and PWM. I do believe you can do this without AO 🙂






I have also attached a project that may help as well. It was an old POC. I hope this gets you going 🙂


Sam S
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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