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A DAQmx question

I use a USB DAQ device for a DAQ task. Normally the device is triggered on once per 6 seconds.

However, the USB device is offline sometimes, I do not why. maybe the issue is caused by the unstable power supply from IPC's USB port.


When the device is offline, my program will not get any data. I must close my vi, reset the device in MAX, then start my vi again. 

 How can I handle this issue?


When device offline happens, can the vi program be looking for device automatically without restart the program?

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I think you have to be very careful because an unstable voltage could damage your device (I think).

I also use a USB cDAQ and when it's disconnect, I don't need to reset my device.

To know if your device is not present, you can use error handling, because when the device is not present, the node of DAQmx generate an error code and you can use it to know if your device is present or not.

you also have some VIs which can help you to reset your device (Measurement I/O>>NI DAQmx>>Dev Config>>Reset Device) or some VIs to get power up or set power up your device (Measurement I/O>>NI DAQmx>>Advanced>>Reset DeviceSystem Setup).





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The first thing you should do is go into the Device Manager and look at the properties of all of your USB hubs.  There is a "power saving feature" where the USB hubs will be turned off at the OS's discretion.  Make sure that is turned off.

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