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A Couple Problems 'NI 6008 DAQ + LabView 7.1'

Hi, I am having problems getting a piece of code that I originally wrote on my PC to work on my Laptop
The code controls a stepper motor and sends and recieves data through an NI 6008 USB DAQ.
The program was fully debugged and worked well on my PC but when I transferred it to the Laptop a number of problems arose even though both PC and Laptop are running the same LabView version and NI DAQ 800.
At first the stepper motor would not respond to signals.. this was overcome by installing the VISA drivers (i don't know why these didn't install themselves when I set up the Laptop, as I didn't have to install them when I setup the PC)
Now when I run the program on the Laptop it only works when in debug mode (is there something wrong with timings? - do i need the place some delays in?)
Also I don't think LabView is talking to the DAQ software properly, When I run the measurement and Automation program, the DAQ is recognised and tests can be run sucessfully, however LabView is some what less successful, as it won't record readings from the DAQ when I give it the same stimulus.
(Are the drivers that can be downloaded like the VISA's which will allow my DAQ to work again?)
Cheers Wes
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Did you build your program into an executable to use it on the laptop??

If so, did you include the LabVIEW runtime, install All the DAQ Software (although it appears you did if you are using Max on the laptop)?

Check what COM port (ie Dev1, Dev2, etc) you are using to talk to the 6008.  It may be different between the laptop and the computer.  Max will configure it correctly so you can talk to it using max, but your program usually will not (ie the PC uses Dev1 and the laptop is using Dev2).

See if any of those help.


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Cheers Kenny, That worked perfectly..
I just re-made the DAQ express VI's on the Laptop and all was ok
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Hi Wes,
I would appreciate if you could share the VI with me. Actually I'm still new to Labview.
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