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-63040 Error, FPGA fails to run the code - sbRIO 9637



I have this trial single board rio from RIO (9637) and I have been trying to test it. But when ever I try to run a code on it's FPGA, it gives an error:


I do not get this error when I need run any code on the Linux real time system, RT side. Device is visible in the MAX. Required software/ firmware are up to date & are installed on the device. I tried most of the solutions posted online on NI.


Commonly addressed:



Strangest part is, it sometime randomly works normal but only a couple of times and then starts giving out the same error. Codes are tested as I have been running them on myRIO and have reconfigured and compiled them for sbRIO 9637.


Can anyone help me with this? I have to test it and return it.

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