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6062E not listed as available device for SC-2345 Configuration

Using LabVIEW 7.0
DAQCard-6062E(Device 1) is listed under Traditional N-DAQ Devices in the Devices and Interfaces of the Measurement & Automation Explorer, however right click on it yields only three options: Test Panels... , Delete, and Properties ... .
From Properties I can Test Resources and it says: "The Device has passed the test", I have also gone to the accessory tab and selected SC-2345 then clicked configure and changed J1 to SCC-AI03 (the only one I want to use; at least for now) and J21 to SCC-PWR02 and applied these settings.  However, when I then right click on Devices and Interfaces, Create New, and select SC-2345 from under the NI-DAQmx SCC Connector Block and hit Finish, for the drop down selection of DAQ Device, the only option is None.
How can I get LabVIEW to work with 6062E and the SC-2345?
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So sounds like you are configuring the SC-2345 in Traditional DAQ, but then you go to create a DAQmx task and are not seeing it as an accessory. This is because DAQmx and Traditional DAQ are completely separate. If you want to use DAQmx calls, then configure it under the DAQmx Devices, if you want to use Traditional DAQ to program it, then configure it under Traditional DAQ devices. Traditional DAQ is the name we give to the old driver set for DAQ cards. DAQmx were created to replace Traditional DAQmx. So you use either or, but generally do not mix the two. Your card the 6062 can be used with either driver set. I would highly recommend going with DAQmx, they are newer, more efficient, and easier to use.

So any way, enough of a history lesson there. Configure your SC-2345 in DAQmx by right clicking on the NI-DAQmx Devices folder, and selecting Create New… >> DAQmx SCC Connector Block… Then chose your connecting DAQ card (your 6062) and so forth and so on. Then when you go create a DAQ task you should be able to eventually see your SCC modules and the lines that you can connect to. If you have any questions about that, feel free to post back. Good luck with everything!


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I'm not seeing the "NI-DAQmx Devices folder"; under Devices and Interfaces there are Traditional NI-DAQ Devices, PXI System (Unidentified) and Ports (Serial & Parallel).
Is there something I need to do to bring up the NI-DAQmx folder?

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You should see that folder as long as you have DAQmx installed, and a DAQmx compatible card. Now the NI-6062 is a DAQmx compatible card, so that leaves the possibility that the DAQmx drivers may not be installed. So if you could verify if you have the drivers installed or not. You can see this in MAX by going to the Software tab, expanding it and looking for one that says “NI-DAQmx”. If you don’t have the drivers there, you can download them and install them from here. Let us know what you see there. 


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so NI-DAQmx is in there, tried reinstalling the drivers and making sure NI-DAQmx was in there, the installer said nothing needed to be installed or altered.
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What operating system are you using?  Also, please check which version of the DAQmx driver you have installed.  This can be found by clicking on "NI-DAQmx" in the Software category in MAX.  The version will be shown on the right side of the screen. 

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Running WinXP was using DAQmx 7.0 grabbed update for NI-DAQmx 8.0.1 and now NI-DAQmx devices is there, but traditional seems to be missing.  However I should be able to access SC-2345 now, but I'm having trouble verifying communication with the device, but that is a different problem so I'll post a new thread for that.
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You should be able to configure the 6062E and SC-2345 with either DAQmx or Traditional DAQ.  The following Knowledge Bases should help with that:

How Do I Configure an SC-2345 Carrier in MAX with NI-DAQmx?

Configuring and Testing The SC-2345 in Meausrement and Automation Explorer for Traditional DAQ?

Let us know if you have any further trouble.

Best regards, 
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