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6009 not showing up as a constant


I am try to fallow this video to connect my NI 6009 usb daq to a LED at 3min 23sec in the video I try to use drop down to select the device but nothing shows up.  This is my first time connecting the 6009 DAQ and it shows up in Daq Max and in the hardware configure as working...just doesn't show up in labview.


I found this page


but still no luck divers are v23.5

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What version of LabVIEW and what version of DAQmx?

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I think its 23.7 if I am reading correct I just downloaded last month.   Also I just figured out I can connect to daq if I am using the DAQ assistant instead of a constant...I don' t why that works...also I pulled up and test my input do show up in Max so it seem issue is in the constant area... 

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Which constant are you referring to? Is it a Task or Channel constant?

Right-click on the constant. Is Task or Channel being listed?



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I figured it out I was going to the Tasks section not the lines section of the DAQ max.  I could not tell because the pins are so close together.

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