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6008 USB digitizer continuous data stream to be used by a third party software

Hi all,


I am trying to achieve a seemingly straight forward task and could do with some expert advice. I have a USB 6008 digitizer which is reading three channels of analogue data. I need to continuously stream data which can be accessed by a third party software for other things (signal processing, visualisation etc). I am proposing to record 10sec length of data and save it in a file in a designated location and repeat this and carry on as long as the programme is running. This will have generated a number of files each with fixed length of data which can be sequentially accessed by the third party program.I will then need to make this VI a standalone application which can be run a LabVIEW less machine.


The other method, may perhaps be, to use toggle between two data files- write in one file-save it, write in the second file and access the first file and overwrite the first file while access the second file.


Could anyone please help me with some ideas, expecially with the writing in files modules?

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The first approach is rather straightforward. Create the filenames programmatically, typically by adding 1 to a number at the end of the previous filename.  The string and path manipulation functions can easily do this. This would produce a series of files named filename, filename1, filename2, filename3, filename4, ...


The alternating file approach is also feasible.  The key there is coordination between the two programs so that they are not both competing for the same file.  You need to have a plan for what to do with the data if the alternate file has not been released by the other program when LV needs to write to it.



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