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5-PAM modulation and demodulation

Hi, im new with this Labview programming, but i have to learn this in the university. My problem is I got a exersice where i have to simulate the ethernet coding and decoding with this. Need speed control (slow and fast too) (I think its maybe a parameter to some of the PAM modulation input), and an input array maybe to change the binary number bits . The coder makes the number coded version using a random numbers and display the spectrum of this. The decoder is using the output of the coder and  decode constantly and display the spectrum of it. I know i didnt get the solution but i try to understand it. I using this for about 1 month but, and have to Modulation Toolkit v16. 


My idea is i generate a PAM-5 signal than using PAM-modulation i put the binary input in it, than i set somewhere the speed, and display the spectrum of it. But I know that I need more operators and some more complex solution, but 1 week for this isn't big enough to understand what i need for this. 


I hope someone can help me to get this project done, and not start again the course 1 year later 🙂


Cheers, Triplaa

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Update: I find a solution for 2-PAM modulation, but as i chage the 2 to 4 the eye diagram becomes useless. Also I noticed that I can't put parameter 5 in there, cause it isn't match with 2^M. Has anyone some idea to modulate 5-PAM?

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