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5 DoF Inverse Kinematics

Hi everybody, I am doing a project about 5 DoF robot arm and I am dealing with Inverse Kinematics. In the Labview example "Inverse Kinematics for Puma", which can be found follow the example folder "Robotics" -> "Robotic Arm". I would like to ask how can we make the robot arm stop at its desired position without going to the original position? It uses the Cartesian Trajectory method so I cannot remove the for loop to get out of this situation. Please help me if you have faced this problem before? Thank you so much.


The attachment below is the code I modified with 5 DoF.

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Hi man,


Actually, I also face problem in robotics toolbox.


So, If you solve your problem, than, can you send to me your Vi files?


I want to refer your file.


Thank you.

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