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3d picture rendering issue

My first real attempt to use the 3D picture has given me some real challenges.

The import of VRML 3D objects was troublesome due to the scaling of the parts, it was a factor 1000 to small imported, so I could not see the parts. I missed the non existing "". I scaled the VRML file with 1000 that helped (will add the code)


My problem now is:

The rendering of a normal 3D picture control is very bad, but the render to image method is delivering a crisp rendering without mistakes. See the picture attached.


Why is this, or how can I fix the rendering of the 3D picture ?


Thanks for replies

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Image related issues in LabVIEW are often traced back the video driver, hardware acceleration, etc.


First steps should be to get the latest and greatest video driver and then try to back-down the hardware acceleration.


Work-around have involved methods to "trick LV" into re-doing the image by either invoke node get image, hiding and showing...


Just my 2 cents,



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Hello Ben,

Yes you are right,

New video card solved the issue....



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