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3d object scaling and brightness

When I create a 3D object, then scale its size with Set, its brightness seems to change (on my 2 Windows systems running LV2014; attached example is saved in version 2012, so more readers on this site can try it).  When I create a cylinder of unit length, then scale it up, it appears dimmer. If I scale it down in size, it appears brighter.  If I create a cylinder with the desired "scaled" length to begin with, its brightness is scale-independent.  See attached example. I see the same behavior if I read in a VRML file for an object, then make it bigger/smaller with Set  This is a probelm if one wishes to make a scene with different objects, from different sources, and adjust their lengths after creating them (perhaps dynamically): their relative brightnesses change, sometimes so much that some become almost invisible.  Comments/suggestions? One unsatisfactory solution is to make objects emit light by setting the Emission with Set Material.  This does make the brightness scale-independent. However, such objects look unrealistic in 3d, and their orientation is hard to perceive, because they do not shade with angle like real objects - they are basically glowing silhouettes.

Thank you.



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Hello WCR;


Have tried using a property node ? Maybe the Material:Color Mode in the SceneObject property node and set that to Ignore Specular. With that you will not have  brightness changes when changing the ScaleFactor I think.







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Thank you Pablo.  I tried what you suggested.  It results in an object whose brightness is scale-independent, which is good.  However, the object has no 3-dimensional definition. It is a pure white silhouette.  I got the same result when I set the emission color to white (see original post).  I would like the objects in my scene to look more realistic than a white silhouette.



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