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3D surface plot

the data points are on z=0,1 and 2

that I wanna make a 3D surface graph and use the numeric controller to change the cross section between the z plane and the surface that if I putted z=1.5   the output will be the points of the cross section.

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Oh.  are the three data sets supposed to be different levels of the same 3d wing shaped object?
Tim Elsey
Certified LabVIEW Architect
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yes that was correct....and those points are found from the blade...
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Sounds like you want to create a mesh surface that conforms to your datapoints, but you can interpolate different z values from??
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yes...I wanna use the given data point to create meshing surface...and give the desire -plane...the program pull out the nodes from the crosssection
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Here is something I used to create a mesh using mathscript and the mathscript viewer.


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sorry that I you do version 8.5?? that I can't open the file...thanks


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Here you go

Justin Parker
National Instruments
Product Support Engineer
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Starting atpost #7 of this thread I start a tutorial exaplaining how to use the 3d Graph to plot multiple curves and surfaces.


If you want your final image to look like an air foil your are going to have to present your data such that adjoining points in your surface are adjacent in the data set. THis thread shows a quick hack of a a car rendered in 3d.



If you want it all to be one color you will have to set teh color mapping to none.


Idividual ribs of the wing can be added as sepearte plots to over-lay the surface.


Have fun!



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