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3D plot graph is just showing a black box

Please Help!!!

Why do you think that my 3D plot which was working correctly, now does not want to do anything??

It shows just a black box where the graph should be, there are no errors and runs fine with all other analysis tools I have.

Also it shows just the black box with the example 3D plots I have from the NI web site.

As a last hope I have tried uninstalling LabView and IMAQ but has made no difference, have you seen this problem before?

If you could help in any way at all it would be very much appreciated,


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Two possible option:

First, the scales could be messed up such that the data isn't on the screen.

Second, check the data that's being sent to the graph. If there is an error in the calculations you could be generating an array of NaN (Not a Number)values.

Third, there could ba an error being generated somewhere that you aren't seeing. Make sure all the error clusters are chained together and that the end result is appearing on a front panel somewhere.


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Another suggestion:
Right-mouse click on the 3D Graph container and select CWGraph3D >> Properties. A dialog box should appear. Deselect 'Enable dithering' and 'Use 3D acceleration'. If they are already deselected, try selecting them. Click the Apply button and then OK.

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