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3D picture control only words as administrator

I am using Labview 8.6 and trying to use a 3D picture control but am having a strange issue.

The problem is that the 3D control only works if I am using the administrator account.  If I am using a limited account and I drop a 3D picture control on the FP nothing displays.  Additionally, the picture box behaves badly.  I either see through to the desktop background or get multiple overlapping bits of whatever is on the FP.  I tried launching Labview8.6 "as administrator" but it still doesn't work.  Only if I run Labview under the Administrator account does it work.

Any solutions?

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Sometimes regular users won't have full permissions but you can try this to grant full access.


  1. Navigate to C:\Program Files and locate the National Instruments folder.
  2. Right-click on the National Instruments folder and select Properties.
  3. Switch to the Security tab.
  4. Select the Group Users.
  5. You may have to hit edit to bring up the permissions for Users.
  6. Under Permissions for Users, place a checkmark in the Allow box for Full Control.
  7. Click Apply.
Hopefully this will help you out.
Scott A
SSP Product Manager
National Instruments
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Ok, sorry I didn't include more information.  I am running this on Windows 7.

I tried changing permissions and nothing changed so I tried some other things.

Turns out that when running Labview on Windows 7,  3D Labview contols break when you turn off Aero.

If I turn on Aero 3D picture control works just fine.

So my question is, Am I stuck with Aero if I want to use 3D controls?

XP had many ways of tweeking desktop acceleration  but Aero seems to be on or off.


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Hey chiraldude, 


What video driver are you using? You can find this out by going to the control panel, selecting device manager, and looking under display adapters (my computer uses NVIDIA, as you can see in the attached Device Manager screenshot). With this information, I can make some better suggestions about what you need to do to have more control when Aero is off. 




District Sales Engineer
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