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3D modeling for my pick and place


I am using labview with NI myRio to design an interactive pick and place machine. Therefore, by the end of this project the user should drag and drop different part into a 3D platform and hit run then the pcik and place machine would place linking logs according to the design. So, I am using labview to design a 3d model of building enviroment using labview. My goal is get something similar to build lego with chrome ( in labview, the main difference is I am using likning logs instead of lego. Therefore,  I am bringing the linking log into the labview and I am chaning the position of the rod with respect to origin. I want to be able to have mouse control instead of manually control of the position of the rod. Also, I was wondering if I can use a ring picture & text to have a drag and drop option from the ring picture into the 3d environment. Also, I have to have a good sense of x,y,z position because I have to send those data stepper motor for my builiding place.

Note: I cannot use extension of solidworks for labview because of constraint of the project. So, I have to design different parts in solidworks as a STL and bring them in to the 3D picture.

This is kind of what I have.

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Hi arahimi3,


Could you describe a little more what kinds of modules or toolkits you are using with LabVIEW for this project? For instance, how are you displaying the 3D models to the front panel?

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