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3D Graph log scale "feature"

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Another annoying feature just discovered in the 3D Graph object: in Log scale, you can define the boundaries of an axis, but it will be ignored by the graph itself.

Example. Here are the settings I define for the Y axis. Notice the minimum value of 5?




Well, fat luck... Here is what LV is ready to do:





Now, in Edit mode, I can edit the scale itself and force the smallest value of the Y axis to be 5, but here is how it goes:




Not cool!

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Accepted by topic author X.

Hi X-),


This was reported to R&D (# 292956) for further investigation.


The best workaround is to make sure you are setting the minimum and maximum values for a logarithmic axis to a power of 10.


Thanks for the feedback!



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OK. The problem is that the Z axis color scale is also malfunctioning. If the data lies, say, between 0.6 and 1, it is of no use to set the Z scale to not be defined automatically and set it, say, to 0-1. IThe grpah will nevertheless automatically set the scale to 0.6 - 1.

That would be be acceptable if one had the possibility to then adjust the contour levels. Unfortunately, I have not been able to do so. The "Level List" option below has an enticing "[Add new level here]" that I was unable to use...



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I'm having the same issue with a 3d scatter plot: no matter what I do, the z-axis color ramp is auto-scaled to the max/min of the data.  (I would prefer that it follows the graph's scale range, which I am setting by property node, with auto-scaling off.)

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You can add new level or edit existing ones when the mode is "Level List". Left mouse click would pop the editor.



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Also, when the mode is "Level List", you can delete the level by click the level in the List and press Delete on the keyboard.

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Hi hanrock,


thanks, I got the Level List to work as you described. But if I may say, it is not exactly "Standard":

- To have to press the "Delete" key(not the Backspace key, no Ctrl-X shortcut, no right click contextual menu) to remove an entry is very specific to this object (and not described in the Help file).- To have to left click in the "[Add new level here]" entry and wait for a couple of seconds to have it turn black and be editable is not intuitive either.  There is BTW no editor popping up for me when I left-click the entry, so I am not sure what you are referring to.

- Worse, if you do that and then decide to not enter a new value, and for instance click outside of the listbox, you get this pop-up window:





1) does not make any sense, as you haven't actually entered any level at all

2) hangs up LabVIEW for 10-20 seconds (in this depressed OK button mode I have pasted above) before it reverts to a clickable OK button and can be pressed to discard the window.


I would suggest that this object be debugged further. I have noticed other issues with it that are even worst than those I have mentioned so far (maybe topic for another post when I get sufficiently annoyed by them?)

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Thanks for you feedback, X-)

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