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i'm currectly working on automatic measurament in the lab using the 33220.

The Keysight released library drivr is very usefull and send parameters of voltage/frequency/shape from pc is working fine.

But when i try to create an arb wavefowm composed by three points, i don't understand how to describe in the array of data the time and voltage for each point- in the use guide describe the command without the equivalence of input data manually from front panel of the instrument. in attachment the example i'm using to try the test.

thank you in advance!



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I worked with these a few years ago, but not recently.  It was also a different model (33210A).  So I don't have any code and don't remember exact details.


One thing I remember about these is that the arbitrary waveform specifically doesn't work on set time intervals because the function generator needs to be able to stretch and contract the waveform based on whatever the output frequency on the device is set to.  So the array input is basically a list of evenly spaced points in time.


Additionally, the waveform needs to be able to scale up and down in magnitude to whatever its output is set to.  So you wouldn't set a particular voltage, you'd put in a value from 0 to 1 and then it would scale that to whatever the output min/max was currently set to on the device.


So in your case, it looks like you want it to be 0V for 5 seconds, then 5V for 0.5 seconds, then back to 0V.


You'd need to set something like this:

Arbitrary waveform data = 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,1,0

Waveform min/max 0-5V

Frequency 0.1818 Hz (1 ÷ 5.5s)

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Hi Kyle,

Following your example, you have divided the max time period of 5,5 sec for the difference of change of the voltage value? 5,5 sec/0,5 sec=11 array values; is it correct?

Thank you for reply and for the support

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Accepted by topic author Gio02

Yes, that is what I did.  Hopefully that's what you actually wanted, but if not you probably have enough to get started and can tweak it to what you want it to be.  

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