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3 axis robot labview

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I am looking for some good material to learn about how to program a 3 axis robot in general. How can the different movements be made with the 3 axes using LabVIEW? If anyone can share some good material, it would be quite helpful. Thanking You. 


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What changes as the number of axes increases?

  • You need to be able to independently (yet synchronously) control multiple axes.
  • Depending on the geometry of your situation, the actions of the axes are not independent with respect to the (assumed-stationary) external world, so you need to be able to handle more complex "equations of motion".  In other words, if the origin of Axis 2 is on the "end" of Axis 1, the "end" of Axis 2 will depend on both Axis 1 and Axis 2, whereas the end of Axis 1 only depends on Axis 1.
  • If you are dealing with Rotations, you need to take into account the non-commutivity of Rotation Matrices and define/understand the difference between "World Coordinates" and "Object Coordinates" (example -- World, +Z is "up", +X is North, +Y is West (for a Right-Hand Rule system).  For rotations, there are Fick and Helmholtz coordinates (and probably others) that define Pitch, Roll, and Yaw, and the order they are performed (look it up so I won't mislead you).

Bob Schor 

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