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2D Barcode Reading



  This is what I am trying to do:


  1. Use uEye GigE camera (UI-5480SE-M-GL R.2) to take a pic of a 2D dot matrix barcode ( we are able to capture the image - please see attached file 124_png.png).
  2. We are trying to use the “read data matrix” that is provided in the LabVIEW examples to do this (attached here for easy reference)
  3. We have the NI vision dev module as well as LabVIEW 2015 installed, up-to-date and working great.
  4. Currently, we are having issues reading the barcode (please see attached file 124_png.png)- in fact, the example provided does not even seem to read the barcodes that are provided with the example except the “Barcode05.png” image – may be some settings need to be changed.

I was wondering if someone could take a look and see what needs to be changed to be able to read our barcodes? if you can made the changes and send the VI as an attachment, I can retest to see if this works at my end.


Thank you.

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Is there a reason you are doing this with a camera instead of a 2D barcode reader?  I don't have any experience with reading 2D barcodes with an image, because any time it was suggested I just suggested using a 2D barcode scanner.  In the end that is the hardware that needs to be able to scan the barcode, so even if we took a great picture, and did some image processing to clean it up and was able to read it, but the barcode scanner can't read it then I'm not sure it matters that the camera can read it.

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We have a bunch of these  cameras lying around from old tools. It helps to use this instead of spend more $ and buy more parts. If NI has provided sample code, why are their examples not working? let alone for my image - it does not seem to work for 9/10 of their images (it only works on one) - so what am I missing?

Regardless, the goal here is to use the existing stuff we have instead of buy more items.. so, I have provided a shot of my barcode that hopefully someone can use to show me how the VI decodes it. 

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