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221 Error



I use a host-windows machine and a Real-Time target machine to do data acquisition. Normally the data was streaming as the VI was executed and the system was reading data. Now in my error window I get


status: no error


source: 221 Thank you for using National Instruments FTP

and the VI stops. The connection from host to target is through TCP/IP.


Any ideas? Thanks




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Hmmm, not sure why you are getting an FTP error code.  I believe this error code is related to a timeout issue, but that still does not explain why it's returning an FTP error.

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I saw that the RT target device has 63.1 GB of the 63.2 GB total disk space used. I haven't noticed that before and i don't know if information


is recorded to the RT target device. May be I have this error because of lack of space?


Also, how can I check if I have a timeout problem?  Thanks a lot

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I have seen this kind of thing several times with code that uses the LabVIEW FTP functions.  The error status is false indicating no errors, but there is a code and a string.  I have found that there are several of these codes which do not provide any real cause for concern, or indeed any useful information.  The one you mentioned is an example.  Unless you are having a functional problem I would not worry about this. 


We have a subVI used several places in our code to deal with these.  The subVI clears the error if the error code matches one of these not-useful numbers.

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The problem is that the data is not streaming like before and nothing is changed in the code. The vi  just stops. I had errors before


that they didn't affect the measurement and ignored  them, but niw the vi stops.

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If it is a FTP error indeed, I need to access the RT target device. Any ideas how to do that, since it is not under windows? I accessed BIOS and


tried to do something and boot it from Hard Drive but the screen is left pending... It won't let me to a DOS path

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I would see if you can access the device from Measurement & Automation Explorer, assuming you have that installed.  Beyond that, I don't have any suggestions off the top of my head.  Good luck!

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Yes, I can see the IP address there, software installed but not the actual contents of the hard disk..

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