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2009 sp1 slow build

Trying to build my application after I just upgraded to sp1 on LabVIEw 2009.

It seems to take a long time, while using a lot of cpu power.

Progress is very slow. Hard drive is not being used intensly.


Running the same on the 2009 f2 version. Building from the same sources.

Very slow as well.

I'm new to the performance of the build feature in 2009. Coming from version 7.1.1

And I'm very surprised on the difference. Why does the build take sooooo looooonnnnggg on the 2009 version(s)??

We build smaller apps before on 2009, and did not seem a big deal. But this bigger application. 


And then after about 15 minutes, I get an error message:

Error 8 occurred at -> -> -> 


So this is running with the 2009 f2 version on XP pro with 1Gb of ram. And for the 2009 sp1 version on windows 7, with 8Gb of ram....

So do not expect any memory issues with the SP1. Could this be a windows 7 x64 issue?


Anyone any experience with building larger applications?


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So the build error, I only get that on the sp1 version (which runs on Windows 7, x64). On the 2009 f2 version it builds fine. Still very, very slow though, but at least it builds.


So now I have to troubleshoot an error that does not really indicate what to look for. And the suggestion to go to

seems to give me a broken link (or is the NI website down right now???).

Going to restart the windows 7 pc, and see if it build then.

I'll post the error message when I get it (again I fear).

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Could it be a security/timeout issue? I had a couple of programs recently that suddenly started to act very slow, it must have been some rights issue hindering a change and thus causing a time out, since after i started these programs once with "Run as administrator" they worked well again. (e.g. Opera web browser)


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Was not able to reply that friday, seems the ni website had issues.

Was able to build the application after restart.


Related to the performance of building the application:

Still very slow.

Tried the suggestion to run labview 2009 as administrator.

Did not make a difference.

Still high CPU load, and slow build with occasional Not Responding

status from windows on the build window.


FYI, the hardware I run this on: Cre 2 Duo, 2.4Ghz laptop (lenovo T61p), 8Gb RAM.

The harddrive seems idle most of the time (I guess most stuff is cached....).

CPU load is around 50% - 60%.

The build seems to take the most time on all kinds of math functions.

I already did a mass recompile of the math and gmath directories in the VI.lib.

Will do a full mass recompile overnight. Maybe that helps.


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Could it be related to the issue in this thread ...


FYI, I see the same problems with builds and with working within projects and LabVIEW 2009.

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I have had the LabVIEW application builder timeout and this was caused by a fragmented hard-drive. I know it is unlikely in your case but it could be worth checking to see if your drive needs defragmenting.
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Hello Everyone,


We have observed that building executables in LabVIEW 2009 is slower than in 8.6.  In most cases it was about 10 to 20%.  However, in some larger builds we have seen almost a 3x or 4x slow down.  This large slow down has been reported to R&D for further investigation (CAR 205343).  In the case that was reported to us the build was about 8000 VIs and took 2GB of memory to complete.


There wasn't a difference between LabVIEW 2009 and 2009 SP1.  The slow down occurred between 8.6.1 and 2009.  Does your slow down occur between 2009 and 2009 SP1?

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I also noticed slow builds of large project, and wonders why the process LabVIEW.exe never exceeds 50% CPU utilization?


It seems that multithreading isn't used at all in the build process. Correct?

If so, is there any particular reason for this?



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Started to learn to live with it, the slow builds.

But not just slow builds. Loading a bigger project takes a long time.

Also noticed that, when building an exe (any exe actually), they take a long time for

some kind of initial loading. Even when you have a splash screen

(so almost empy vi as a dialog), it takes long before that appears.

All this on a Core 2 duo, 2.4Ghz with 8GB of ram.

What will this mean for my customers when they start to run the new

version. I'm afraid they all will want to go back to the version build

with labview 7.1.1 (still one of the better labview versions I believe).


Any date on where we can expect a fix for this?

Or would we have to jump to labview 2010 (and pay I presume....).

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More examples:


My project have approx 2400 VIs and it takes around 15 mins to build an executable, but even worse is that if I open the properties for my Installer Build Specification, I'll have to wait for about 45 minutes(!) until the dialog initializes, and depending on which tabs i switch between in the dialog, the 45min wait might reappear 😞


Doesn't NI test LabVIEW with large projects at all???

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