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10 G communication and LabVIEW

I have gotten a last minute assignment of the highest priority that is centered on writing and  reading messages sent over a 10 GB Ethernet connection. Will LabView's TCP drivers support this or will I have to develop read and write processes using the LabView Network Streams vi's to handle the task. A prompt reply would be greatly appreciated. I'm currently developing in LV 2014 but can upgrade to LV 2016 if necessary.

Thank you for any help.



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By my experience it should work... but create your application multi-tread.


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If the 10GB network interface is fully supported by the OS as a TCP/IP interface it will certainly work. But don't expect to get 10GB/s data throughput. That is pretty impossible to do without very special application support with direct access to the network interface driver, which the standard Windows socket interface is anything but that.

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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