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1-wire driver / example

I am looking for a driver as well as an example VI if there is one to communicate with a 1-wire bus over the USB port. My interface is a Dallas Semiconductor DS9490R USB to 1-wire adapter.

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Hi stmrocket,

I am not familiar with this device, and unfortunately did not find a driver for it when searching through out Instrument Driver Network. However, if you know the device's communication protocol, then you can make NI-VISA the driver for the device and communicate from LabVIEW using basic VISA Writes and VISA reads. Here is a link to a tutorial on how to setup the USB device using NI-VISA. Note that this functionality is only supported in NI-VISA 3.0 and later.

Using NI-VISA 3.0 to Control Your USB Device

Hope this helps!

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After a little more searching, I came across device drivers and an iButton SDK from Dalls. The SDK contains the DLL needed to communicate with the device. Is it possible to use the calls and the DLL from Dallas? To be honest, I am new to hardware interfacing through labVIEW and have managed to greatly confuse myself... Also, has anyone out there actually managed to communicate through a Dallas usb to 1-wire IC or converter?

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It is possible to call DLLs from LabVIEW using the Call Library node. Call Library works best with a DLL that expects basic, C-friendly datatypes. Depending on the API, if you only need to call a few functions, this approach will probably not be too hard.

Maybe someone has already created VI wrappers for the Dallas DLL and will respond to this thread. You might try asking Dallas directly - they may know of someone or may have done it themselves. A quick search of their website yielded at least one LabVIEW app note (albeit for a different device than the one you're using), so at least they have some knowledge/awareness of LabVIEW.

Steven H.
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Here are some sites I found with various software for dallas semiconductor buttons.
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Try to use this driver instead:

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