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0-30mv Sensor Output

Hi.  I'm new to labview and data acquisition so please excuse the newbie question:


What is the best way to read a 0-30mv output from a load cell or strain gauge?  Does NI make DAQs for this voltage range?  Can the same DAQ be used as would be for reading a 0-5V signal (is the accruacy of the DAQs enough to get good readings from a 0-30mV device).


Thank you for any help.


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Without getting too deep into the electronics, basically, you need a load cell amplifier, or strain gauge amplifer. Google it. With an amplpifer, you can "convert" the 0..30mV to 0..5V or similar.


What DAQ are you using?


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Thanks Arrow.  After your reply I started to look at the 9237 Module.  It looks fairly straight-forward... any experience with them?



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No direct experience with that module (24-bit), but I have used other bridge input modules.

The 9237 bundle would certainly make a nice rig.


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I agree with Arrow on the 9237 module for bridge measurements.  If you have any further questions on the device please feel free to post them here and I'd be happy to help.  


Ben N.
Applications Engineering
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