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我使用两块PXIe 6358 Ni card 同时控制32 channel 光电倍增管(H11460 from宾松)。这些通道同时采集数据,但是要求使用尽可能短的时间。比如我设定的数据采集速率为1MHz/s ,每次抽样1000个,这能不能说我采集一次使用的时间就是1ms呢? 但是我实际测量 却是300 ms。因为我要采集上万次的数据,并且要将他们进行叠加,如果每次都要花300 ms,我采集一次实验的数据要花掉至少一天的时间。我想问一下,有没有什么办法可以提供我的采集速率? 或者把所有的数据都快速的读到一个文件,然后后续进行处理叠加他们?




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You can probably greatly improve the amount of time things take by modifying your subVI. Usually you want to take care of all configuration and place the start task for a DAQmx task before you enter a loop and then perform the read inside the loop. Since you have the start task inside a loop for each individual read your computer is sending configuration data and reserving and unreserving the device. You can find an example of how to program a continuous read on a DAQ device if you go to the example finder in LabVIEW. On the browse tab you can look under Hardware Input and Output>>DAQmx>>Analog Input and then open Voltage - Continuous Give that example a look and try and format your task similar to that and see if that helps.


Also for future reference, this is the English forums and you'll have a better chance of getting more users who are able to help you if you post in English. If you prefer to post in Chinese, National Instruments does have a Chinese forum which you can find here,


Hopefully that improves things for you. Have a good day.

Miles G.
National Instruments
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