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用Machine Vision读取硬币上的年份可以实现吗

用Machine Vision读取硬币上的年份可以实现吗? 如果可以,谁会呢?

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Try pattern match ?


George Zou
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Thankyou! I am actually a senior student in college, and I am doing my senior now. I have no experience using LabView before, so I have to learn it when I do my design. Our project is about reading the year from different kind of coin. Could you tell me what steps are required for doing it? Like take a picture first, and then rotate the image? match?  I think I need to try to do it step by step. btw, is it possible for me to get help from you constantly for my project? I would appreciate!!  


Thank you!!

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Always start from LabVIEW examples.


George Zou
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