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programming e-health shield sensor with arduino uno and labview


I am an engineering student , and now I am trying to do a project which is a platform e-health developpment by arduino uno , actually I would like to use the labview , and I am a beginner with it , so can you help me to finish it . So I start by temperature sensor and body position sensor have a look at the file ehealth.cpp . 


thank you so much . 

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please anyone help me , I should do this project . 

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Hello there is an api that you should use for creating applications on LabVIEW that can run on arduino. You can find the steps for setting all the software needed in the following forum:

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hello , thank you for your reply ,, actually i did all the steps my probleme is how I convert the arduino language to labview 

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hello ,

actually I started doing my project but the labview doesn't fonction at all . so can you help me to resolve the problem this is my code arduino and labview and thank you so much .


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can you help me to know what this labview program do 

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it opens the com port and in a while loop it reads 18 bytes from the port.
These 18 bytes are indexed by string subset with first the offset in the string and then length
And displayed if >0. This can be done in a more readable way, but could work.
By the way the while starts to look at the error line from the open com port each while, rather useless.
Furthermore the timing is limited to each half second by the watch in the lower left corner.

greetings from the Netherlands
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thank you very much for your reply 🙂

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hello icharakk!

Can I ask you for the development of your e-health shield sensor with arduinio uno and labview?
Actually I am also hoping to use e-health shield for my thesis. Is this the one in cooking hacks? or is there another e-health shield? I am hoping to get an update on this and hope I can contact you soon. Thanks.

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yes of corse you can ask me if I can help you of corse I will
so I used the e-health shield of cooking hacks ,
I used the cooking hacks shield and version v2.0 , but actually I used only the temperature sensor
have a good day too ,
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