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blimp project

Hello everyone, this year I as the project, Blimp.
we have 2 NXT (a receiver, transmitter) (there are 3 motors drones, and a servo hs-422, we use a motor of NXT transmitter we go call it Joystick to send information to another NXT in plug with it chassis of the blimp)
I need only program the NXT receiver
2 NXT communicate with each with bluetooth

i know the emetteur send degrée information

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I didn't understand, what is the question?



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i have NXT project we need build A Blimp, we use 3 motor drone, and 1 servomotor (hs-422), 2 NXT (1 like Slave, 1 like Joystick) the NXT use bleutooth to commincate between, we need build programme to finish this but i dont know how use labview.

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but i dont know how use labview.


I'm getting a little bit older and I get confused easily.   Some times I need help to understand simple things.   Let me see if I understand this correctly.  First, you need to program your robot in LabView in order to do your project.  And secondly, you don't currently have any programming experience with LabView.


Wouldn't this be a perfect opportunity to learn LabView ?  

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i use labview only for this year 😉 and i know how labview work but not with NXT, its dificulte to me to build the programme i need just alittel help

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You can find more information on getting started with LabVIEW for LEGO® MINDSTORMS® on the k12lab website


Feel free to post specific questions about programming with LabVIEW on this forum.

Zach P.

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