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I'm relatively new to Labview/Mindstorms, running Labview Home Edition with EV3 version of Mindstorms. I've created a program to calculate the RPM of a motor.  I can view the data in a WaveForm Chart, but would like to collect the data so that it can be analyzed is Excel.  I've tried creating a file and viewing it in NXT Browser but I get is error message saving the file is not a .dat file.  I've played a little with arrays, but have run into a wall.  I can download the file directly using the EV3 software and view it, but only get a single point.  Can someone point me in a direction to collect the data?

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Have you checked out the Export Waveforms to Spreadsheet File (1D) VI?

This will export in .txt format (tab-delimited ASCII) instead of .dat, but you'll be able to read in Excel.


There's a shipping example that shows the implementation of this VI, although the function is pretty easy to use and you can probably just use Context Help to get it working.

LabVIEW Help >> Find Examples >> Waveform - Write Waveforms to

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Thanks for the info, I don't believe it will work with the Mindstorm/NXT hardware.  I found an easy way to get the data....UploadBrickFile To PC vi.  Simple and fast.  Problem solved.

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Good to hear! Please mark your post as Solution.

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