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Sending information from one EV3 brick to another

I am trying to use labview to use 2 Lego EV3 bricks to run 2 seperate programs. I have both bricks working independtly of each other and am now needing help on tying them together. What I need them to do is one brick runs a barcode reader that will scan and detect the appropriate marble that I am looking for. Then I somehow need to send the information coming in from this brick to the other brick that is running a sorter that will look for the appropriate marble. I have simply never used 2 bricks together and have no clue how to send information between the two. Thank you for your help.

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Hi leviheil,


I would recommend taking a look at this video that gives some good information on connecting two EV3 controllers together through Bluetooth.

Justin M.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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