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Remote Control Editor in the Lego Mindstorms Module

Hi, I have the NI Labview Module for Lego MINDSTORMS on my Surface Pro 4, Labview 2015. When I open the remote control editor that comes with this module, my controller(ps4 controller) won’t show up when I go to select the devices other than the keyboard. The controller is detected by my computer in the Bluetooth section(which is in the general computer settings)but it doesn’t show up in my LabVIEW remote control editor options.

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Hi, looking at the help from the NI LabVIEW Module for LEGO® MINDSTORMS® I am under the impression that you have to connect the controller to the computer through USB necesarily (see image 1) to configure it. I did the test myself and found that after doing that then the Remote control editor did recognize the control, as a wireless controller (see image 2). 

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Hello, when I check on a normal computer(it is plugged in via USB), the controller is detected, but when I check on the surface(plugged in via USB here too), the controller is recognized by the computer and it appears in the device manager’s HID (Human interface device section as an input device ) but it doesn’t appear in the remote control editor. When I check the device manager on a normal Dell Laptop, I find 1 input device and the HID game controller which is basically the ps4 controller as shown in the first picture, 
But on the surface there are so many HID devices present including the controller(which is the USB input device) as shown in the second picture. 


Some of the HID devices such as the GPIO buttons driver and Virtual HID Framework(VHF) HID device that appear in the device manager show up in the Labview remote control editor but not the Usb input device( which is basically the ps4 wireless controller connected to the computer with a cable) as shown in the third picture(remote control editor), the fourth picture(device manager) and fifth picture(device manager).


I really want to know why Labview with the Lego Mindstorms extension for Nxt/ev3 detects controllers from the device manager only  as the computer recognizes the controller but not in the software( Labview)( in the remote control editor). It(the remote control editor in Labview) recognizes other HID devices as I mentioned above.


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