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Old SubVI's breaking code for microscope

Hi guys,


So I'm working on putting together a functioning model atomic force microscope, originally built by students at URI. The University of Utah mechanical engineering lab put up the source code for the microscope written on a module for the 2011 version of LabView, however, in one part of it, the two subvi's "" and "" are missing and are causing the code to be broken. I was wondering if any of you know what these functions used to do before they were removed in later versions of LabView (I'm running the 2015 version), or if they had any advice on how to replace them, or fix the code.


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Sorry that there are some missing VIs. I attached the most recent version of those two VIs before they were removed from the source in 2012. Let me know if there are any additional missing dependencies.



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Thank You! However, unfortunately it doesnt seem as though its as easy as downloading these files. Now it recognizes these subvi's, however, there are now more unrecognized subvis. "" and "" are missing. Is this a similar issue?

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These VIs are not ones that user code should depend on directly, and none of them were available on the palettes. Try ignoring the missing dependencies and see what is depending on these VIs.

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(6,822 Views) is depending on these vi's 

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It looks like SplitAndCheckNXT is doing something related to connecting to your NXT. Does your program still work if you remove the VI? If you use the RCX Object indicator in your program, you could try replacing it with a property node like in the attached VI.

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We figured out the problem, the issue seemed to be backwards compatibility between the EV3 and the NXT programmed subvi's.  We tried both BT and USB connections using the EV3 and had no trouble communicating with the Brick using the Mindstorms program or some of the example vi's contained within LabVIEW (i.e. the piano demo). But everytime we tried to use the open-source VI to perform our experiment, we got error codes. The error code, and which subVI threw it, depended upon the communication mode. For instance, using USB one of the Fantom subVI's failed in the


We had been under the impression that the EV3 and NXT should be interchangeable as far as the LabVIEW code was concerned. That being said, we swapped in a NXT brick and the old program ran flawlessly. So problem circumvented but not necessarily solved...

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