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NXT bluetooth communication - helpless

I have NXT brick. I have to decode communication protocol of bluetooth --->>> Make connection between notebook and NXT. Send commands and make NXT to react (make sound etc.), request data from sensors and receive them on notebook.

Problem is that I found a lot of programs to make this connection. Realterm, BricxCC...... etc. And I found a different commands and programming methods - something looks like "0x02 0x16" or "120 136" or "something that looks like C++".

And now I'm really confused. I don't know what program to choose and what language represent decoded communication protocol.

Can you help me please? I need some appropriate program, I need use some language that would show how protocol works and maybe some manual.

I will appreciate any help. Thank you, Andy

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Hi andyfarang,


I am a bit confused about your question, are you attempting to find the program that you will create software in to communicate with your NXT Brick or are you trying to figure out how to communicate with it via LabVIEW?  Please let me know so I can best assist you with this issue.

Matt S.
Industrial Communications Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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