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NXT bluetooth communication among 4 bricks

Hello guys,


I'm trying to create a connection among 4 bricks with LabView. I can make three of the bricks send the messages to the host but when I try to send a message back, only 2 of the clients (choosen randomly) receive the message, seems kinda conflict. (We tried to do the flow sequencially and parallel as well) Do you all have any idea what could we do?


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I have tried to open your vi-s and I did not suceed as it shows some missing libraries. I have installed LabVIEW  NXT module: but still no success.

In order to help you I need an NI MAX report from your PC to understand what SW and HW components you have.


Best regards,

András Bükkfejes

National Instruments

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I'd like to know if all three clients are getting the message when you ping them individually.


András, you can copy and paste the code into a new VI and it should work.

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The NI MAX report is attached.


Best regards

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In these VI-s the host only sends the messages after it reads the messages from each client. But using another VI the host comunicates successfully with each host individually.

Sometimes only one client receives the message, sometimes two, but never the three. Who receives appear to be completely random, and the VI-s for the clients are the same except for the mailboxes

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From the MAX report I know that we are running now the same LV and I am able to see now NXT vi-s. (I hope I see them all) I have compared your code with the examples provided in LabVIEW

C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2014\examples\NXT Robotics\Bluetooth


From a short reading on the topic it seems to me that you should select a master brick and open separate connections towards each brick. This way the Master may send/receive mesages from all 3, while slaves don't see each other.

The vi-s that I have opened from you have no BT turn ON/OFF or any part that would tell me how you open up a connection on the host (Master) to the multiple clients.


Please have a look at the help of  "Connect to NXT/" it says: Connect two bricks using BT. It has an input named connection (0..3). My view is that if you need multiple connection use this VI multiple times with different inputs 0-3.


Please see the BluetoothDriveReceive.vit and BluetoothDriveSend.vit for more details in the example library.


I hope this helps. Sorry if I misunderstand something based on the partially opened vi-s.




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Szia András!

Nekem nem egészen ide vágó kérdésem lenne, mármint nem bluetoothal kapcsolatos, hanem labirintus megoldó problémám lenne a robottal. 

Érdeklődnék, hogy van e esetleg online elérhető példa a labirintus megoldása problémára, NXT robothoz? 
Válaszod elrőre is köszönöm, akár mail formájában is. 



Jancsi Attila


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Az előbb elírtam a mail címem...



Előre is köszönöm, ha válaszolsz nekem. 

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Kedves Attila!


Kérlek, hogy egy új topicban angol nyelven tedd fel a kérdésed. Köszönöm.

Dániel Fülöp
Field Application Engineer (CLA, CTA)
National Instruments
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