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NXT Output Multi

NXT Output Multi

I'm using an NXTOutputMulti block, and I'm curious if anyone can tell me what will happen if I don't set all the properties.  Will it use defaults, or leave values as the were when I previously set them?
I'd like to create a block to ramp up the power to the motors, but I want to make sure I can set the "tachoLimit" once (as the start).  I have two NXTOutputMulti blocks, one at the start, and another in a loop, where it increases the speed.
Does that make sense?
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Re: NXT Output Multi


LabVIEW is very good in using defaults when wires are not connected.
The answer is: if you don't connect it will default.

In LabVIEW I would use uninitialized shiftregisters by comparing an idiot default and reusing the previous value.
I realize that in the NXT you could use variables for this. So compare with an idiot default and if that result is true use the previously stored variable instead of the input.

greetings from the Netherlands
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Re: NXT Output Multi

Thanks, Albert.

I think this answers the question I asked.  However, I'm not sure that's what I was trying to find out.  Smiley Happy

I think I've figured out that you don't need to update all the values, but you do need to set the update flag for the values you do update.  I'll find out later if that's right.




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Re: NXT Output Multi

The NXTOutputMulti propety node (NXTOutput and NXTInput too) will only set the properties that you choose, which is why you can grow/shrink the node to select just the properties you want to change (special note: Port or PortList must be one of the properties you set). So you can do some initialization (set up Mode, RunState, TachoLimit, etc) once outside the loop and then just change the Power inside. If you don't have a property listed, its value will not change in the Output IOMap in the firmware.
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