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NI LabVIEW 2009 LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Module Released!

I was thinking using a property to return the context the VI is in. But I doubt it will work for NXT target, besides the fact that it's not a public property. There might be other ways to achieve it. I haven't thought about it yet. If you can give me a use case I might be able to have a better understanding and may find other solutions that don't involve property node.
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Some info for you in case it helps...


The current value in a front panel control is treated as a constant when we compile for the NXT.


Front panel controls and indicators, though not typically useful on the NXT side of things, are required by our debugging feature. When you run a VI on the NXT using the Debug button, we do some extra work during the compile process so that we know the addresses of the values that came from FP controls/indicators so that we can write/read them while the program is running. 



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Bart, greetings


Thanks for your post. I suspected I must be missing something and, experimenting earlier this afternoon, I discovered that the settings of FP controls become constants. My expectations were too low by trying to emulate this!


Thanks even more for mentioning the debug mode functionality. That is astounding for debugging embedded code. I would not have even thought to try it without a prompt. 


LV2009 with the NXT is going to be a great tool for teaching the principles of LV and simple mechatronics at undergraduate level. A step change up from the LV8 toolkit.


I think I would have got going quicker if the new NXT Getting Started Manual had a few more details (20 pages say) and so far as I can see, the NXT Help does not suggest debugging remote code by running connected to a PC using front panel controls/displays.


Thanks to the development team. 


John Prentice 





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Hi John!

You're right, you get the direct part of the toolkit if you are targeted to the computer.  there are two solutions of the problem:


1. Open the file menu.  If, on the fifth selection it stands Target to NXT, select this one, and then you will find the NXT native I/O.

2. When yout come to the main menu of LabVIEW, select Blank VI Targeted to NXT.


Hope this helps



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Thanks for a really nice release - I think that Mindstorms fits way more into LabVIEW now, then before.


But i still have one issue:


I reported a bug in the Quitient & Remainder in the thread:


As far as i can see, in the new version of the Mindstorms Toolkit, you have not fixed the problem with "Quotient and  Remainder" you have just made som new code around the "Divide", which is way more calculating intensive. I think that the "NXT Quotient and Remainder" is more then 4 times slower then the native "Quotient and Remainder". (which is buggy, with negative numbers) 


This is not good enough! - Can it be fixed?




LabVIEW 2009 and 2011 user, with LabVIEW toolkit for Lego Mindstorms NXT.
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