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Mindstorm Edu NXT fantom.dll non-admin

Mindstorm Edu NXT fantom.dll non-admin

Good day,


I am using the french version of Lego Mindstorms Edu NXT v1.1


The software will start fine the first time using a non-admin account. 

After that second time it always failed.

I have installed the software on 15 laptops running Windows XP SP3, and they all failed.

Error message is --> Error loading "Fantom.dll"

The dll exist it's located on c:\windows\system32\


I gave Read-Write access to all directories and sub-directories on the C drive and it still won't start.

I've also given full control on the HKLM_Software registry keys.


It runs fine using an local Administrator account. 


Help will be appreciated.




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Re: Mindstorm Edu NXT fantom.dll non-admin

WOW ! I finally found a solution !

Normally non-admin account don't have write permission on the All Users folder,
so the application was crashing because it was trying to write a file named "NI-VISA Shared Memory.tmp" into this directory:

"C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\National Instruments\Shared Memory\"


Now I just created a GPO and changed the file system permission on all my computers so that normal user can write into that directory.And it works.



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Re: Mindstorm Edu NXT fantom.dll non-admin

When you create shared-memory you can do this without a file....


Dont call CreateFile  and use  INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE  instead.




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